What is Quein?

Quein is a product of a futuristic vision, something more than just a Queue Management System.

Out of all the things that this technologically advanced generation is tired of, standing in a queue and patiently waiting for their chance to come tops them all. It is not only exhausting but is also estimated to waste approximately six months of a person’s life. And don’t even get us started on how difficult it gets for certain businesses to handle such restless, never-ending queues at their offices.

Terminal App only available for Android

Business and Customer App is available for Android and IOS..

Quein Features

Live Queue Management

The registered service provider can manage the queue by setting max entries limit, capacity, checking status or pause-remove queues

Identify the needs of customers beforehand

Using Quein, business owners get an idea of what to expect from customer before they walk into office

Scale your business

The application allows customization of queueing system as per the requirements & also timely measures customer satisfaction & results.

Flexible Control

The provider can change status of booking to fit their preference. It helps in viewing real-time availability of slots & estimation of the time.

Dashboard View

The ‘Dashboard View’ can help the owners view the daily status of the queues and measure profits.

Customer Application

The app tracks the customer’s location and lists down top-rated businesses near them.

Time Measurement & Prediction

The live status also provides a detailed analysis of the number of customers in the queue and a simplified booking experience.

Reduce ‘No Shows’

One of the biggest setbacks of virtual queueing models is the rate of ‘No Shows’ at the business headquarters.

Service Catalogue Management

It allows service-based business models to avail the Catalogue-Management option & create service list in a go.