Remote work sounds exciting, isn’t it? But what about Employee Performance?
Research Says, “When COVID-19 hit, we found that within the first month, 16% of companies put new tracking software on the laptops of their remote employees,” said Kropp, who has done research on post-COVID-19 workplace trends. By July, the number had risen to 26% of companies.”

This study shows importance of getting your organization backup up with powerful Employee Monitoring Software System and we help you with the same.

DeskViu will allow a organization to track their employee activities The product comes up with advanced-technology and powerful time tracking algorithm.

What is DeskViu?

DeskViu is a revolutionary employee monitoring, leave management and time tracking software that has been designed to improve the productivity of the employees, management and administration of a company. This all-in-one productivity analysis and organisational enhancement software ensure that companies can operate seamlessly with the help of encouraged and motivated employees’ day in and day out.

DeskViu Features

  • Real-time monitoring of employees’ screens with an option to take screenshots.
  • Direct attendance and timekeeping through the software.
  • Time-tracking with the software even in the absence of a proper internet connection.
  • Leave management done directly through the software.
  • Individual tracking of the productivity and working of each employee despite the location.
  • Device authorization remains with employer they can choose devices on which DeskViu can be used.
  • DeskViu can also capture photos or videos of the employee/user for monitoring purposes if needed by the employer/manager.
  • The software keeps time for each and every employee, so it comes in handy at the time of appraisal.
  • The software sends reports on your team’s productivity on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Real Time Monitoring

DeskViu can monitor employee’s screen with screenshots made available to you.


You can analyze the performance of each employee by accessing past data up to 1 year.

Time & Attendance

Track the attendance of the employees from the software & analyze productivity.

Photo/Video Capture Feature

Our face-recognition module generates scores based on physical presence of employee


DeskViu can give personalized experience by selecting language of your choice


There exist separate identity for each
Individual, employer can track their performance.

Offline Tracking

DeskViu’s smart tech tracks the time and productivity & syncs it even if employee is offline.

Leave Management

The software is an all-in-one solution that can help you even with Leave Management solution.

Device Authorization

Employee can authorize on which device DeskViu would run, it gives better security control.


DeskViu generate reports and send it over email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

DeskViu can bring excellent automation in managing and tracking your employee performance for minimal cost.

  • Accurate Analysis helps you to get a clear picture of the work environment.
  • Professional Support is available to answer any of your queries with the software
  • Customer-oriented approach with latest tech is what makes us different from crowd.
  • DeskViu provide Unlimited tracking feature, that makes it scalable.
  • Your team downloads and installs software in their system, currently we’ve launched Mac and Windows versions.
  • After logging in the software tracks employee performance & activities.
  • Software will generate reports and give scores to employee that helps you to understand what’s going on and decide area of improvement.