Say Hello to the New Way to Manage your Medical Practice.

Say goodbye to lost medical records, endless paperwork, expensive storage, bulky storage boxes. Say hello to an affordable, customized solution. Say hello to SANSOL INC Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Solutions.

Changing to an Electronic Medical Records System (EMR) is one of the most important decisions a Doctor’s practice will make. EMR Solutions is responsible for Patient, Operational, Financial and Clinical information and will have an enormous impact on the organization and their clinicians.

SANSOL INC will help implement a system to improve the management of patient records through physicians, Physicians assistants, nurses and supplementary staff.

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If you want to keep your medical records in a digital form, you are at the right place. SANSOL INC is a Global IT company located in Visakhapatnam. We will help you in keeping your patient’s data in the digital form. We offer different types of healthcare solutions like clinic management information system, laboratory management system, hospital management information system, pharmacy management system and radiology management information system to our client’s.

Our Electronic Medical Record System will help you by keeping the representation of your patient’s data that would initially be found in the paper record. Electronic Medical Record System will keep your data combined in a digital form.
Our system will allow to you track entire patient record without tracking the previous medical record of the patient. It will also assist you in making sure that the data is correct, appropriate and readable. You can use Electronic Medical Records System in maintaining radiology, pathology and clinical information.

Feature of our system:

  • Our system aims to make improvement in care quality, efficiency, safety.
  • It will reduce health disparities.
  • It will allow you to share the information over a secure network.
  • Generate caution and reminders.
  • Receive and send reports, orders and results.