Are you looking out for an IT company which provides excellent ERP solutions? If yes, SANSOL INC, a company based in the IT centre will surely help you out with this. SANSOL INC offers variety of ERP Solutions which also includes Laboratory Management Information System.

A laboratory and information management system that provides a set of important features which supports current laboratory procedures is called as Laboratory Management Information System.

The concept of Laboratory Management Information System is developing with some new functions and features. The functions of Laboratory Management Information System will always change as a laboratory always gives more stress on change. At SANSOL INC, functionality can be divided into 5 laboratory processing phases, with different software functions:

  • The reception and log in model and its related customer information
  • The quality control and processing connected with the model and the tools and inventory used.
  • The data storage linked with the sample analysis.
  • The tasks, setting up and tracking of the model and the allied analytical workload.
  • The approval and assessment of data for reporting and more analysis.