How to Stop Drinking Out of Boredom: Tips and Advice for a Sober Life in 2023 Lantana Recovery: Addiction Treatment Rehab Center

Parties, seasonal events, family meals or work gatherings might spring to mind. Drinking alcohol is often seen as a very social activity, but in truth for millions of people, it’s the total opposite. The holiday season is a great time to make new traditions with friends and family. Check out our roundup of sober-friendly activities in and around Charleston this weekend to get in the spooky spirit. It can be used as an outlet to express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

drinking out of boredom

However, these studies mainly focus on young adults rather than adolescents. Lammers et al. (2013) investigated early adolescence and found that drinking expectancies partly mediate the relationship between personality profiles and alcohol use patterns. In particular, the effects of impulsivity and sensation seeking on alcohol use were seen to be mediated by drinking expectancies.

Managing setbacks

Furthermore, no differences were seen in regard to boredom and drinking expectancies. Although several studies have shown disparities in scores on boredom (e.g. Seib and Vodanovich, 1998, Vodanovich and Kass, 1990), in accordance with Melton and Schulenberg (2009) we found no gender differences in our sample. Firstly, our findings reveal that binge drinking is a very common behavior in Italian adolescents, in particular among males.

Some of these strategies on how to enjoy life without alcohol include developing new hobbies and interests, building a supportive social network, and practicing mindfulness and stress management techniques. Replacing boredom drinking with enjoyable and fulfilling activities can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle and improve your mental health. Some alternative activities to consider include physical exercise and outdoor activities, creative pursuits and learning new skills, and volunteering and community involvement.

Reasons You Might Feel Bored Without Alcohol

It’s the fine line at which point a person may cross over from casual drinking into having an alcohol use disorder. An almost alcoholic may engage in activities such as drinking out of boredom or alone. Knowing how to identify the signs of heading toward alcoholism can allow you or a loved one to seek treatment and recover. Regularly consuming alcohol when you’re bored has both short-term and long-term effects on your health, even if it doesn’t lead to a drinking disorder.

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Surrounding yourself with people that support you can help alleviate possible remnants of guilt and shame from past behaviors. Eating well, staying hydrated, getting physical activity, and not stocking up on alcohol for the winter are other helpful strategies to stop drinking out of boredom. By seeking professional help, you can find resources to stop drinking and address ongoing issues that can make a huge difference in your recovery. Regular exercise is an excellent way to reduce boredom and boost your mental health.

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Bored drinking is a surefire way for sneaky calories to throw off your weight-loss goals. Say you have downtime on a Saturday afternoon after a challenging week at work. “Getting through the week” might be your rationale for pouring a glass of wine. If you find that that’s not helping you, then exercise is a great one, even if you get up and turn on some loud music and do a little bit of dancing or do 50 jumping jacks or get out and have a jog or skip or whatever. It sounds over the top, but we know, when it comes to going alcohol-free winging it simply does not work.

drinking out of boredom

Once your downtime ends, and you’ve made progress on your hobby or taken a walk, enjoy a piece of chocolate before your next activity. As these nights add up, you’ll wake up with less energy, a clouded mind, and the inability to perform at your best. Bored drinking might elevate your mood briefly, but it won’t ever match the satisfaction of mastering a hobby.

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